Jonathan Price
Jonathan PriceMarketing Consultant
Lead generation, marketing automation, content marketing and overall growth strategy

Hello, my name is Jonathan, a marketing consultant based in London, UK. Thanks for popping by!

For the past 15 years I’ve been fortunate to work in a wide range of marketing and business development related roles, across numerous sectors, where I’ve played a key role in generating millions of pounds (literally) of revenue for the businesses that I’ve worked with.

In May 2017 I set up as an independent contractor and have since worked on many exciting projects – focusing mostly on marketing automation, content marketing, lead generation and website re-launches. Whether on a contract, consulting or project-specific freelance basis I’m always keen to get my teeth into a challenging project.

Feel free to contact me now for an informal chat if you have growth targets you’re looking to achieve.

I help funded startups and small to medium sized businesses to grow and increase revenue by providing expert technical marketing consulting on a freelance/contract/interim basis.

A recipe for sustainable growth

Generating increased revenue in your business through digital marketing strategy and growth tactics is not overly complex but it does require the correct mindset and process. I understand what’s needed and have more than a little experience in delivering results.

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Make an impact

Your online presence needs to stand out from the crowd whilst convincing your visitors to take an action


I will focus on digital marketing tactics that work and that have an impact on your target audience and bottom line

Growth Mindset

Your marketing activity should deliver positive results. Anything else is a waste of time and resources


Let’s focus on business metrics that really matter, like bottom line sales and profits, rather than vanity metrics, like # of visitors and pageviews

Analyse and tweak

For ongoing success you have to measure, adjust, test and compare, making decisions based off of real data


Without accurate data to make decisions from, your digital marketing efforts are flying in the dark. Let’s use analytics to turn on the spotlights

I’m looking forward to working with you and to applying my digital marketing skills to your business!

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