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Autopilot is fast becoming the go-to-choice for savvy marketers in tech startups and small to medium sized companies the world over. 

As a software vendor Autopilot have achieved incredible growth since arrival on the scene due to their brilliantly fresh approach to marketing automation. 

However, whilst Autopilot HQ is relatively easy to use with it's drag and drop visual interface and outstanding UI, the initial setup and ongoing optimisation can be a complicated process with a steep learning curve. 

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Sometimes expert external help is warranted to achieve the best results and to ensure a quicker return-on-investment.  

I've project-managed and completed a number of complex Autopilot implementation projects in London and am available as an independent contractor to assist with your Autopilot implementation.

Although each assignment is unique, here are some typical Autopilot HQ implementation components

Situation analysis, persona mapping and buyer cycle review

Working with your marketing team I focus on getting to grips with your proposition, target audience, customer personas and buyer cycle. 

A content audit is also undertaken to map existing available content to the different stages of the funnel and to spot any gaps so that we can take proactive steps to begin building additional content if required. 

I follow and use Autopilot's Customer Journey Marketing Framework coupled with many years of content marketing experiece.

Technical implementation planning

For Autopilot HQ to work best, it will need to be integrated into your existing tech stack including CRM, website, your product/app (e.g. if you're a Saas company), customer support / chat tooling, analytics, and more. 

During this stage I work with your CTO / dev team to devise the best approach for a seamless technical implementation and we map out whether any custom fields, event triggers or additional dev work is required. 

You tech team can expect helpful flowcharts and clear instruction to save on this precious company resource. I also have a great network of freelance developers if required.

Autopilot setup and technical implementation

I set up your Autopilot account and we integrate it into the various components of your tech stack. Once custom field mapping, integrations and form capture are in place, I undertake careful testing to ensure data is flowing as it should be. 

I also assist / work with your dev team to manage any troubleshooting if required.  

Automation journey planning and setup

Whilst technical setup is in process I'll help to plan and map out customer journeys so that when ready we crack on with building conversion focused, persona-based automated email sequences, website pop ups, in app messages and so forth. 

For email copy and design I can work with your internal team or if required source and manage external contractors. 

I also set up goals and reporting to ensure we can track what is working, or not.

Maintenance, A/B testing and optimisation

The best part about marketing automation is that when you get started a whole new world of opportunity opens up - there is a constant flow of new ideas for lead nurture, outreach and onboarding journeys to run. 

I can work with you on an ongoing basis to optimise existing journeys, set up new campaigns and generally maintain and manage your Autopilot account. Alternatively I can also help to train and onboard your team.

Careful planning and communication is required to ensure that your sales team and customer support / success teams and their processes are enhanced and improved by the automation project. 

If you're looking for a best-in-class marketing automation solution then I highly recommend Autopilot. 

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I'd be delighted to work with you to ensure you get up and running efficiently and with as little hassle as possible.

Agencies please note: I'm also able to work "white-label" on a sub-contracted basis if required. 

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